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Everything you need to know about our Business


Let us introduce ourselves, we are Window Tinting A Plus, a family owned business since 1994. Hector S.r the owner since kid he had a dream of owning a 1972 Cadillac Coupedeville his passion for vehicle was everything. Same reason he taught his son Hector J.r the passion for vehicle. For that Hector the son now is involve in the vehicle industry delivering quality products and service. We are a local staple and community based approved tint shop with 27 years of experience in the field. We look to venture into other communities to share the satisfaction and peace of mind of professionalism that we’ve curated for our local customers throughout the years. You’re probably wondering where we’ve been all these years, let us inform you that we’ve been striving to level up with the growing automotive industry as a whole to deliver advanced and modern materials that will bring ultimate results for all of our customers. Offering services such as, paint protection films, chrome delete, vinyl wrap and of course window tinting we look only to offering the best in the industry. We make sure to put dedication into all details and build with the knowledge we know to offer and provide customers with a piece of mind. Our goal is to deliver proficient and professional work, allowing for our customers to leave our business feeling satisfactory in investing their time with us for an “A Plus” result. We are also continuously striving to uphold and value our communities’ needs with meeting with the expectations held for us. We appreciate all the support from the community and are in hopes of expanding and reaching other communities outside our own to deliver quality work all around the Bay Area.


Our team specializes in Window Tinting and Paint Protection Film. We are your trusted 3M Film authorized shop; with us, you count on high-quality window film. We also rely on a computer cut kit for a perfect fit. For Paint Protection film, we carry Ultra-Gloss Stek Dynoshield and a few more brands. We are giving your vehicle the ultimate protection from nature damages. We believe in providing our customers quality service. Here our “A Plus’ crew are ready to show the love your vehicle need. We perform from your daily commuter to your exotic vehicles. We are here to deliver to our customers quality and a lot of love. As the vehicle industry evolves, we follow along with the newest and quality material. We need to keep our customers satisfied. You can count on us for your next project.

I want to thank you for taking the time to review this information. Window Tinting A Plus wants to help you obtain the right tint at the right price! We are just one call away.

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