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Hire Window Tinting Plus To Protect The Paint On Your Car

Owning a car is fantastic, but taking care of it needs time, care, and attention. Maintaining car paint is something that makes it look like new for a long time. Paint protection film installers give numerous names to car protection films, such as a clear wrap, car bra, and scratch prevention film.

The clear finish on cars is protected by car wrapping. These treatments, which maintain the exterior of these automobiles, appear brand new. The following is the advice to make your car paint fresh and new to drive you even after a time interval.

  1. Avoid Colored Wax:

Avoid wax 3M clear bras using wax containing colors or solvents. Wax and other materials could adhere to the paint protection coating. It may result in the haziness and yellowish of the car paint. After washing the car, our experts from Window Tinting Plus suggest lubricating the film using original Spirits or Plexus to minimize friction. Rubbishing compounds and abrasive polishes should not be utilized.

  1. Give It A Shot To Alcohol:

Pour rubbing alcohol on any tiny dents or scratches on your 3M clear bra and let it sit for a minute. Some scuffs will fade away. Paint protection film under the 3M brand has been discovered to be scratch-resistant when buffing. This type of work is best left to a professional detailer because it can be confusing or challenging and do more harm than good.

  1. Protect It From The Pressure Washer:

Keep the pressure washer’s end at least three feet away from your car when you’re pressure washing it. Pressure washers and touchless car wash easily damage freshly installed paint protection films. It’s critical to frequently clean your automobile to preserve the clear bra and paint.

  1. Let It Dry First:

Do not touch anything that has bubbles or edges that are peeling! After curing, bring the car back to the shop. It often lasts for 30 days. About 1/8″ away from the border, the edges frequently twist, peel, or bubble. It is okay if the clear bra extends to the hood or fenders because the peeling edges can be trimmed and offer adequate coverage. Ask your installer whether he can wrap the advantages for the best coverage.

Using pre-cut kits and performing shoddy cuts that stop short of the edge will expose a lot of paint in automotive protective film CA. Bring the car back to the shop and trim the edges if you see 1/8″ or less peeling. If it is more than that, the store needs to replace the clear bra component.

  1. Check On Your Vehicle Insurance:

Insurance typically covers paint protection film. Make sure it is replaced as part of your insurance claim if you are in an accident.


The given tips are going to help you when you are planning to go for your car paint. The recommendations will tell you what to do and don’t do so you can make your paintwork a little longer. Also, hiring paint protection film installers from Window Tinting Plus will help you a long way and help you make your best decision ever.

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