Reasons to Install Tinting

Protect Yourself Against the Ultraviolet Rays

When you make a choice to enhance your vehicle with window tint, the benefits offered by our films are much more than just good looks. Our film manufacturers have developed a patented technology that will make your vehicle cool and comfortable, thereby reducing the drain on your air conditioning. An even more important factor is the film's ability to block out 99% of the sun's harsh and damaging ultraviolet rays. In addition, your film could provide privacy by preventing a thief easy viewing access to your car or give added safety to your passengers from flying glass in the event of an unexpected accident.
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Decrease Interior Heat

Quality window film can provide up to a 78% reduction in heat transfer. This reduces the sun’s effect of heating up the inside of your car decreasing the amount of time that you will need to use your air conditioner. This can result in extending the life of the vehicle’s AC system.

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Energy Savings

As stated above, reducing interior heat can reduce the demand for AC use. This can have a significant impact on gas mileage and a savings at the pump. who wouldn’t want that?

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Reduce Interior Fading

Quality film can block up to 99% of UV ray. This help to reduce fading of your seats, carpets, dash and wood trim. It also works to extend the life of these items.

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Reduce Health Risks

Exposure to the sun is known to cause potential health risks to the eyes and skin. By blocking 99% of UV light, window film will also act as a “sunscreen” to protect from the harmful effects of the sun.

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Increase Safety and Security

Accidents can turn a window into thousands of dangerous shards of glass. Window film can act to hold the glass together during an accident. It can also impede a would-be thief from gaining access to your vehicle.

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Enhance Appearance

Most shops offer varying shades of window film to appeal to almost any taste. If you do not want to darken the windows, but still want the benefits listed above, we have a film for that too!